Sunday, October 21, 2012

IKEA Party

Hi!  Happy October!  Almost November!  Yikes!

It has been very busy here this fall... Unfortunately, that hasn't meant busy with the house, it has been more just plain busy!  The school year is off to a great start (the first quarter ended this past week, can you believe it??)...

About three weeks ago, I decided to finally paint the powder room!  In two evenings after work, I slapped on a couple coats of Bay Waves (Valspar, same as in the master bedroom).  It's not decorated, though, so no pictures.  Who wants to see a toilet, anyway?  Related: I'm in the process of painting the kitchen the same color whenever I get a spare moment.  Aka it might be done by February.  :)

This past Saturday, I took off to IKEA with a few friends (Summer from my Eurovision Party, and her roomie Celeste).  Since the nearest one is about 3 hours away, this couldn't be the recon trip I would have preferred... so I jumped in with a budget and came out on top!

Among other things...

I picked up two sets of (2 panels each) the Ferle curtains.  I also grabbed ring clips, although I've decided not to use them...  This is just one set of the curtains.  They actually cover the giiiiiiant window!  I didn't expect that, hence I purchased two sets ($15/each).  I may double up for a fuller look, although I'm tempted to keep the spare set for fabric.

Next, I finally found a suitable rug for the living room... and a coffee table!!  Did I mention I was $20 under my self-imposed budget?  

Yay!  That green rug is delicious, no?  It's not high-quality, yet it will do for awhile... and that color is perfect.  It matches the netbook.  

Also in the aforementioned budget, I managed to get a new bed for the master bedroom, so (soon) there will finally be a bed in the baby's/spare bedroom.  Yay!  It's from IKEA's Malm series.  Once it is together, picture will follow... and then we will have to get a new mattress.  Exciting, no?

Until then, since it's been so long since I updated, here's a parting shot of Poly and her best friend, Stick.  They are relaxing on the old curtains.  

How did you spend your last six weeks?

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