Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heat Rises

Before moving into my townhouse, I really only ever lived on the second or third floor of buildings - two apartments, and my parents house - so I never fully appreciated the whole "heat rises" science experiment.  That being said, the upstairs was 68 this morning!!  Brr!  Pretty sure I could see my breath in the kitchen.  Since it is now 84 out, though, I'm not eager to turn on the heat.

My homebound student canceled today, so I was able to get home earlier.  I decided to use that time to update the ol' blogger.  Since my dad said he will check it "on occasion" I want to make sure there are pretty pictures for him to see when he checks in (Hi Pop!).

Remember, this is a work in progress... :)

I think I'll start with a picture of one of my favorite parts of the house thus far: the doorhandles on the first floor:

I'm eating my words from the last 6 months - I cannot believe the (ahem) creative paintjob in the great room/dining room actually goes with my items!  I do have new colors picked out... yet these are tolerable for awhile...

And finally... here's the master bedroom thus far.  Yes, the plastic is still on that lampshade and no it's not plugged in.  I'm not sure if I like it.  The picture would be wider and show the rest of the room except someone still has not unpacked three suitcases...

Poly's so vain - she probably thinks this post is about her.  Seriously, though, she looooooooves to hang out in the baby's bathroom.



  1. I recognize those peas-in-a-pod dishes! :-) And I see Poly has found a home on the sofa. Can't wait to see the place in person. Less than two months!

  2. Yay!!! Big excitement!!! :D