Sunday, April 29, 2012

One-Car Garage

Boy, when they say it's a one-car garage, they mean it's a ONE CAR garage!  :)

On Friday, I decided to put Gus in the garage just to see if he would fit.  He does!  Just.  Yikes! It's a good thing he's so tiny (Pontiac G5 GT) - there's no way I would fit something massive in there.  

I've Pinned some ideas about what I'd like to do with the garage, like a recycling area, and using copious amounts of pegboard to organize items... lean extra doors and pallets against the wall... :) Currently, the big space taker is the gargantuan garbage can.  Although I've considered it, I haven't started the garbage service.  I'm sort of an obsessive recycler, instead.  

Then again... it's all about perspective.  Check out this guy I found on youtube:

What can you fit into your garage?  


  1. I bet Gus is super happy to have a garage! Is he enjoying it?
    Just out of curiosity...what do you do with your garbage if you do not have a garbage service? Do you take it somewhere?
    Loving your house!! So happy for you!! <3

    1. He gets all hot and bothered in there. Seriously, it's gross. I'll probably only keep him in there in the winter so I don't have to spray my car with de-icer.

      As for the garbage - I sort the recyclables (paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, light bulbs, batteries, etc) and compost the rare rotten food items. The few items that are left (kitty litter being #1) are being collected in a bag and I will take them to the dumpster or landfill when there is a sizable amount. We'll see how long this lasts. :)

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