Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ace is the Place (for Candles)

I'm on a crusade to find a magnetic hook strong enough to hold my aprons.  I've tried Target, Big Lots, Fred's, and now Ace.  Ace has ginormous ones and not quarter-sized ones.  So, Ace is not the place for smallish strong magnetic hooks.

They are, however, the place for candles.  The local Ace Hardware has votives and tapers on for 50% off... and they were only 35c to start!  Since someone burned all the candles I got at the Yankee Candle flagship store in S. Deerfield (who would do such a thing?), I stocked up on colors that match the current decor:

I managed to sneak out a precious antique cupboard from my mom's house when I moved out time #2, I now store my candles in it, just like she did.  Hi Mom!  I keep vases, candles, fancy soaps, and my Hanukkah items in here.  Also, two bags of potpourri Ace gifted me.  Thanks, dudes!

And it sits nicely between the Harry Potter closet and the powder room:

Picture of my lovely parents on the front right.  Unframed Paris art (three of countless) here until frames are located... Mah jongg set chilling on the bottom because I keep forgetting to put it away... :)

Where do you keep all of your smelly-good stuff (and 50lb Chinese games)?

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