Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eurovision Love

My dear friend Deanna is, like me, a ridiculous fan of ridiculous European music and on Saturday our favorite annual event, the Eurovision Song Competition, was held in Azerbaijan.  Since plane tickets to Baku were out of the question, this year we held our viewing non-party at my house.

Going into the competition, my Top Three were:
- Cyprus (La La Love has been stuck in my head for days)
- Turkey (I love boats <3 )
- Ireland (What can I say?  I also love me some Jedward!)

Also, an honorable mention to Russia!!  :)

We invited Summer (a new teacher at our school who used to live in Sweden) and decided to go international for our snacks: I made my famous French onion soup, and German pretzels, and bought Italian wafer cookies, melba toast from Holland, and German herring.  Deanna brought French bread and brie, Italian red wine, Belgium "Abbey ale" beer, and these Israeli cookies that I used to buy all the time in Connecticut.  Summer made a real Greek salad and brought Swedish coffee.  Yum!!

In the end... Sweden won.  Perhaps it was Summer's presence! :)  We were bummed about Cyprus's dismal finish... oh well, though!  We still had fun!  :)

What's your favorite international music hit?

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