Thursday, May 17, 2012

In a White Room

I'm testing some color palates for the master bedroom... and I put the down comforter on so I could look at the duvet cover.  It's white with pale lavender fern-like designs.  My current obsessions (as evidenced by my Pins) are pale grey walls, yellow accents, and a few fuschia pops.  Note: the walls are not yet painted (chips are currently all over the window seat), and I am itchy to move the former owner's curtain rod up to the outside of the deeeeeeeep window.  Drives me crazy about four times a day.  It's on my to do list.  :)

As always, a work in progress:

What's your ultimate bedroom color scheme?


  1. I love dark bedrooms. My favorite room was in Santa Fe. Dark red/brown. Kinda chocolaty. My sheets were cream and the comforter was a light lime. All my other furniture was off-white.

  2. Oooh cozy! Lime sounds like a great pop! <-- sorry for the delay - I thought I replied ages ago! :)